Saturday, June 09, 2007

"Tag, you're it!"

I recently got tagged for a "me-me" so here goes...

1. I love bar-b-que, and dark chocolate, not in any particular order... it is good that we live a long way from Massey’s Bar-B-Que in Okmulgee, Oklahoma; Buckingham Smokehouse, in Nixa, Missouri; and Good Wood in Boise, ID! We won't even talk about See's Candy!

2. I can’t tell left from right, or East from West. When visiting family in Nebraska, where directions are given “go 5 miles north, then turn west.” I get even MORE confused than if they had said to go straight then turn left... is it possible to be MORE confused???

3. I am O.C. about quilting, door-locking, and driving, but laid-back about most other things...

4. My tastes in music are VERY eclectic; I am right now in a Blue-grass phase! Sorry kids!

5. I “scrunch” my mouth to be able to write neatly. Otherwise it turns into chicken-scratches.

6. Phobias: heights and going to the dentist.

7. In spite of all these things, God loved me so much that He sent His Beloved Son Jesus to be punished and die on the cross of Calvary. When I acknowledged that He did this in my place because of my sins, He forgave me, and adopted me into His forever family. It sure isn’t because of ANYTHING I did or didn’t do, it is ALL because of His grace! WOW!