Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ice and Snow!

It is rare, but today it is COLD in Mexico and just after we got home from work this afternoon, it began snowing, nice big flakes, and it is continuing to come down. A nice evening to snuggle under a quilt while you hand quilt!!! (Now, if only I had a project to that point!) The road is now completely white... BRRR!

Stash Challenge

Here it is! My quilting stash... clockwise beginning at left is 1. muslin stash; 2. box of fat quarters, yardage pieces, lots of strips, and a few orphan blocks; 3. my dj fabric box; 4. 1823 sampler project; 5. Scrap project "Dishrag soup"; 6. Siggy project for students.
Not pictured (yet) are my DJ blocks and 2 small "gift bags" of scraps divided into darks and lights.
This was a fun challenge, thanks Shemeows! P. S. I just noticed, this is a pretty cool way to divide fabric in a bin into lights and darks! I see that log cabin quilt that has been rolling around in my brain beginning to come together!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

YUMMY flannels!

These flannels just arrived in the mail! What a wonderful selection for a baby quilt! (Our latest news is that our DD is expecting her first baby, our first grandchild!) DH is complaining about being married to a grandma! I am ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED! My brain wanders from baby quilts to knitting tiny baby goodies! What a wonderful blessing from the Lord!!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

sewing woes

I guess I got in a hurry, so decided to paper piece a triangle today. I've learned several lessons: 1. you can't paper piece checks; 2. don't spill coffee on the ironing board, then iron a completed block over the spot where the coffee spilled, even if you've cleaned it up WELL; 3. Coffee comes out by pouring boiling water thru the fabric at a distance of about 12 inches. 4. Boiling water does pre-shrink a block!

I really do think that hand-piecing might have been less stressful!