Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday, October 22, 2007

Another picture!

I just couldn't resist sharing this precious picture that arrived in our in-box last night!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

NEW photos today!

I just had to share this little sweetheart! She had her first outing to the park today!

Sunday, September 02, 2007


Our precious little bundle is here, and home in the arms of her family! What an amazing blessing from the Lord!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mini nearly done!

I'm not sure where the idea of 10 inches finished came from, but it measures about 7.5 inches. I did a folded border for the white one, it didn't photograph well, but looks good. I figured that was the only way I would get it that narrow!!!
The blocks are paper pieced and it was a BEAR to get the points matched to this point! It is square... I'm just not a photographer...

Friday, August 24, 2007


I'm starting a new little project for a silent auction at Ashley's college. It is my FIRST miniature project! Here is the preliminary design from EQ5- each block is 1 inch, entire "quilt" is 10 inches.

This is how it is turning out... I have all the itsy-bitsy blocks made (but one!) and the top two rows put together.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Baby Quilt finished!

Sorry, you only get a small preview (in the blog title!) of the flower garden baby quilt! I want to keep the whole thing a surprise til my DEAR daughter has her little one! It shouldn't be long now! We are all praying for a safe delivery and healthy Mom and baby! THANK YOU LORD!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

"Tag, you're it!"

I recently got tagged for a "me-me" so here goes...

1. I love bar-b-que, and dark chocolate, not in any particular order... it is good that we live a long way from Massey’s Bar-B-Que in Okmulgee, Oklahoma; Buckingham Smokehouse, in Nixa, Missouri; and Good Wood in Boise, ID! We won't even talk about See's Candy!

2. I can’t tell left from right, or East from West. When visiting family in Nebraska, where directions are given “go 5 miles north, then turn west.” I get even MORE confused than if they had said to go straight then turn left... is it possible to be MORE confused???

3. I am O.C. about quilting, door-locking, and driving, but laid-back about most other things...

4. My tastes in music are VERY eclectic; I am right now in a Blue-grass phase! Sorry kids!

5. I “scrunch” my mouth to be able to write neatly. Otherwise it turns into chicken-scratches.

6. Phobias: heights and going to the dentist.

7. In spite of all these things, God loved me so much that He sent His Beloved Son Jesus to be punished and die on the cross of Calvary. When I acknowledged that He did this in my place because of my sins, He forgave me, and adopted me into His forever family. It sure isn’t because of ANYTHING I did or didn’t do, it is ALL because of His grace! WOW!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Grandma's Quilt!!

I was so DELIGHTED to find out my grandma was a quilter! My dear sister just sent me a quilt that Grandma made! I had to share a couple of pictures with you! Isn't it PRETTY!!!! (hand pieced and hand quilted!!!)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Update - Baby Projects!

Ragged flannel quilt - finished May 21st - loved those pastel plaid homespun/flannels!

Shell stitch afghan - finished May 21st - this project just flew along! It is very lacey and girlie

GFG or honeycomb quilt, done with 30's fabric is coming along nicely! So far I have 27 flowers in the quilt, with 41 more sewn together awaiting their muslin hexagons. The layout is a total of 10 rows, alternating with 8 flowers and then 9 flowers. My mind is still trying to decide how to do on the binding, but I guess that is a LONG way down the road!

Monday, March 26, 2007

New Baby Quilt Project

I am enjoying my new project of a small hexagon quilt. I'm not sure it can be called a "Grandmother's Flower Garden" since it usually has two circles of hexagons for each flower. This is the first time I've tried English Paper Piecing and it is delightful. Thanks She-Meows for the encouragement... and more hexagons!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Hand quilting

I can't believe spring is almost here, and I didn't get to do any hand quilting during the cold. I want to work hard this summer and have a top or two ready to quilt next winter! This picture is of a whole-cloth quilt I hand quilted several years ago, but found that I missed the variety of the colors in the patchwork. (Top side is dark blue, backing is white.) Maybe putting something up on my blog will help my lack of creativity these days. Is anyone else having trouble with this?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ice and Snow!

It is rare, but today it is COLD in Mexico and just after we got home from work this afternoon, it began snowing, nice big flakes, and it is continuing to come down. A nice evening to snuggle under a quilt while you hand quilt!!! (Now, if only I had a project to that point!) The road is now completely white... BRRR!

Stash Challenge

Here it is! My quilting stash... clockwise beginning at left is 1. muslin stash; 2. box of fat quarters, yardage pieces, lots of strips, and a few orphan blocks; 3. my dj fabric box; 4. 1823 sampler project; 5. Scrap project "Dishrag soup"; 6. Siggy project for students.
Not pictured (yet) are my DJ blocks and 2 small "gift bags" of scraps divided into darks and lights.
This was a fun challenge, thanks Shemeows! P. S. I just noticed, this is a pretty cool way to divide fabric in a bin into lights and darks! I see that log cabin quilt that has been rolling around in my brain beginning to come together!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

YUMMY flannels!

These flannels just arrived in the mail! What a wonderful selection for a baby quilt! (Our latest news is that our DD is expecting her first baby, our first grandchild!) DH is complaining about being married to a grandma! I am ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED! My brain wanders from baby quilts to knitting tiny baby goodies! What a wonderful blessing from the Lord!!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

sewing woes

I guess I got in a hurry, so decided to paper piece a triangle today. I've learned several lessons: 1. you can't paper piece checks; 2. don't spill coffee on the ironing board, then iron a completed block over the spot where the coffee spilled, even if you've cleaned it up WELL; 3. Coffee comes out by pouring boiling water thru the fabric at a distance of about 12 inches. 4. Boiling water does pre-shrink a block!

I really do think that hand-piecing might have been less stressful!